Blockchain World Congress & Expo is another initiative of the Grupo Eletrolar, organizer of Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics, the largest Latin American trade show, that bring together the largest names of the industry and the biggest buyers of the consumer electronics and technology sectors .

The congress and exhibition event will present a broad picture of digital currency and its business opportunities, ranging from subject matter experts to retail and financial market executives.

The first to bring the world’s largest authorities on the subject

Innovation & Content

  • In its first edition, Blockchain World Congress & Expo aims to be a reference in Latin America, pioneering in the region to explore concepts of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, tokenization, etc. in an integrated way in a single event;
  • Attracting a diverse but refined audience, ranging from experts on the subject to retail and financial market executives, the event will benchmarking the mold of the Token Summit, an annual event held in New York and San Francisco;
  • With the exponential growth on the subject and the upward trend for the coming years, the event has the opportunity to establish itself as the first to attract world authorities on the subject